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As most know this cruise is both Mrh’s and my second ever cruise, our first cruise we were pretty unprepared, the whole weekend was a bit of a disaster really, albeit hysterically amusing to the both of us. We had gone on the cruise because we wanted to know how we would feel being on a ship, would we like it, would we get bored, is there enough to keep us entertained??? So even though there was a string of mishaps it did not bother us as it helped us gain knowledge on what to expect for this cruise. I shudder to think if we approached this cruise the same way as we did the last…. Well there is a bonus with this cruise. the amount of ports so should we forget something a shop will never be too far away.

This site has been put together with a lot of research, this site will continue to evolve, pages like the “Nomads” section will be filled with stories of excursions Boomerangs went to and their feedback, all things that will help other Boomerang Cruisers in the future.

Other than the Princess Cruises site here are some sites that I have found very helpful

Cruise Diva: WOW, what a site that one is, jam, packed with just about every single possible thing you could think about regarding cruising. This is a very extensive site so be prepared for a lot of reading. I might be biased but I like my packing list a better Smile with tongue out

Cruise Critic: The place that bought all the Boomerangs together.. Its a fantastic site loaded with information, cruise reviews, cruise deals, planning information and of course the forum.

Cruise Clues These guys have a lot of links to Cruise Critic and loads of information for what looks like hundreds of cruise lines, deck plans, stateroom info, photos, videos, menus, packing lists…… it is one incredibly informative site, these guys are seriously hyperlink genius’s

YouTube Good old YouTube!! Its great to look at videos of ships, videos that people have taken while on the ship and just like the video on the home page of Dawn Boomerangs, videos that get you really fired up to go on the ship.

Circumnavigating Oz  Follow the travels of a Bonny and Mike from their Circumnavigation of Australia Cruise in October 2008. Mike who is a talented writer has written his view about circumnavigating Australia. It’s very lengthy so grab a good cuppa and have a read.
(Thanks to Hubert for this one, great find!!)


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