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Special Thanks

There has been a few people that have been involved in the Dawn Boomerangs Roll Call and I believe that they need a special mention, a few of those people were the ones who began the Roll Call, the first website and even the Logo, sadly plans were altered and they could not come on this cruise. They did however leave behind the hard work and effort they had put in, these people are:

Ray and his wife Marcie ( LuvKruzn)
Ray was the original Roll Call starter, unfortunately he was unable to go on the cruise a few months in, so Ray emailed all the Dawn Boomerang members asking everyone who would like to take over the Roll Call and the site. I put my hand up as I felt that I could be of help being that I have local knowledge. It was a surprise to me that no-one other than myself put a hand up to take over the Roll Call and site especially as this was set to be such an amazing cruise. So mid to late last year, I took over the Roll call and the site from Ray, it was and is my first ever Roll Call but not the first web site I have ever looked after. I was pretty nervous but I had a great teacher to show me the ropes, Ray. Ray and his wonderful wife Marcie had begun the original Dawn Boomerangs site over at Google Sites, they set up the Roll Call forms the spread sheets and so much more. It was fantastic to begin this with so much groundwork already done. I knew I could add more to what was done and I knew i could take on this responsibility, I understood that a Roll Call was was more than just looking after a list of people, it was networking people, offering support and providing information, I ran with that which it what has now become the site you are now on. Ray has been incredibly supportive and helpful ever since I took over and has helped answer many questions and given me many tips. Ray has not stopped his support and constantly been a tower of wisdom. So a big thanks to Ray and Marcie for all your amazing work and I hope that you have an amazing time on your cruise. I hope one day to meet you and cruise with you.

Lorraine: The designer of the Logo and owner of the Café-Press shop. Hubby and I have already bought our bits and pieces and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our goodies…. We can hardly wait!!
Thank you Lorraine for all your amazing work and your fantastic contribution to the Dawn Boomerangs

Hubert (HubertBrigetteBelgium): When I took over the Roll Call and the site from Ray I was not fully sure what to do, I did know that a Roll Call was about networking people and providing information, so I ran with that. This site has been live only a few short weeks and one person has been incredibly helpful since they joined, Hubert. Hubert has almost become a right hand man, there are so many links and so many bits an pieces in this site that it is very hard to keep up with it all. Links change, sites change and mistakes happen, after all I am only human, I was also a chef in my day, not a web designer. If there has been an issue with a link, Hubert has been the one to point it out, this has allowed as many links that two sets of eyes can see to be as current as possible. Hubert has been on the ball messaging me with information, posting amazing tour info, he has also spent a lot of time providing loads of ideas for the site not just for now but during the cruise and after. Hubert’s support has been a massive help, help that I am incredibly grateful for. Thanks so much Hubert!!!!!

MisterH (Bill, my hubby): When I told MisterH that no one wanted to take over the Roll call and site and I was now the one taking it over he was wondering (like myself) what it entailed. MisterH and I have been on many road trips and seen various caravan groups do their meet-ups. He figured that it was going to be something similar, he didn’t expect though for me to have my head buried in info and chained to the desk for the next few months. He has been very supportive of my work and helped with ideas for the site, ideas for tours and even helped proof read things. He is now looking forward to the cruise beginning so that he can spend time with me!! LOL

Thanks honey!! ♥


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