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Travel Apps!

**Many thanks to HubertBrigetteBelgium for sharing his apps list and the idea of posting this page.

Apps are a fantastic tool to make things so much easier for a myriad of reasons, especially when travelling. Currency converters, weight converters, Local info…

The following is a mix of IPhone and Ipad apps, so bear in mind that Android might not have all the same apps.

HubertBrigetteBelgium’s list of travel Apps

Ship mate ($1.99) (Princess Cruises version)
it gives a lot of extra info, the plans of the ship, and the info about our cruise, also great to plan your budget in different categories and note your expenses)

Free Wi-Fi Finder (Free)
Quickly and easily find FREE and paid WI-FI spot, this gives a small listing of free Wi-Fi spots

iChangi (Free)
info about the Singapore airport, flight information, shopping and dining information.

SydneyAirport (Free)
information about the Sydney Airport, flights, maps, etc.

Apps for Sydney

Sydney.com (Free)
Accommodation, Events, Attractions and things to do

Sydney of Guidepal (Free)
Free city guides

TimeOut Sydney (Free)
This app features over 400 events and things to do, it is updated regularly and featured every even and venue review from the Time Out website

Blue Mountains Australia (Free)
Hotels, Galleries, shopping

Greater Blue Mountains Drive (Free)
Suggested touring routes, Audio Commentary for Major Tourist Attractions, Interactive Maps

Appy Travel Sydney (Free)
Travel Guide, Maps, Videos, Weather, Currency Converter

Australia General

Australia offline maps

Australiaz petit fute ($1.99)
Information in French about Australia

Australia, where to go ($5.49)
Travel Destination info Australia

Free City Walks (Free)
Self-guided walking tours for over 470 countries worldwide

iGetAboutAustralia (Free)
Lists almost 2000 things to do or tours to go on and almost 10,000 places to stay

Aus Map (Free)
Mobile version of Street Directory

Oz WiFi pro ($1.99)
Another app with free Wi-Fi spots

4sqwifi (Free)
An app as cheat list from FourSquare where to find free Wi-Fi with passwords

Australia alternatives apps

Hinterland (Free)

Melbourne Coffee (Free)
Guide to Melbourne’s top 100 coffee spots

iPride (Free)
Australian National Anthem Lyrics

CafeScreen (Free)
Wi-Fi Finder in CBD cafe’s around Australia

Fires Near me (Free)
Information about bushfire locations and total fire bans in Australia

FireNSW (Free)
Bushfire awareness in NSW, this app will show where a fire is, where to go in the event of a fire, what to do if a fire is on the way.

iFirstAid lite (Free)
Emergency first aid information with topics including CPR, Bleeding, Burns… also provides emergency service numbers for 99 countries

ShowtheLoo (Free)
Shows the directions for where to find public toilets


TownABC-AU (Free)
Information for places ion Australia including Local Government

For Adelaide:

TravelSA (Free)
Comprehensive travel information for South Australia

Fleurieu by GPS (Free)
The South Australian Tourism Commission Fleurieu Way Tour takes you on a self-drive narrated tour of one of the most culturally rich and spectacular areas of South Australia

Adelaide GPS ($.99 – $1.99)
Travel guide with integrated Wi-Fi hotspot finder

For Melbourne

TimeOut Melbourne (Free)
This app features over 400 events and things to do, it is updated regularly and featured every even and venue review from the Time Out website

Melbourne by Triposo (Free)
Melbourne travel guide by Triposo

SoB Tour

Appy Travel Melbourne (Free)
Travel Guide, Maps, Videos, Weather, Currency Converter

For Hobart

AHI’s offline Hobart ($0.99)
Maps of Hobart that can be used offline

Weather apps:

Weatherzone (Free)
Uses the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts to provide accurate weather forecast for Australia and the world

Rainalarm (Free)
Uses radar images to find out if there is rain on the way

OZ Radar Lite (Free)
Bureau of Meteorology weather radar

Sunsmart (Free)
7 day forecast with UV level and sun protection times

Rain? (Free)
Latest Radar images from the Bureau of Meteorology weather radar


Viator (Free)
Find and book special tours all over Australia

Aussie Slang ($0.99)
Dictionary containing over 1500 Australian slang words

Foursquare (Free)
Social Networking

Yelp (Free)
Search for Pizza cafes, Pubs, Restaurants and more

Urbanspoon (Free)
Not sure where to go to eat? Shake your iPhone and the slot machine will suggest a restaurant. Or browse the comprehensive list of restaurants and make reservations

TripAdvisor (Free)
Plan and have the perfect trip, millions of reviews for places to sleep, eat and play

Triposo Australia (Free)
Travel guide by Triposo for Australia, eating out, night life, offline maps

myTaxi (Free)
myTaxi pinpoints the passengers current location and the request is sent to the nearest taxi; passengers cab also track the taxi’s arrival on the map, including the drivers details.

Ipad theft prevention an alarm, will sound off if someone tries to take your Ipad, can be configured with a wipe function too.

Food Wine Sleep, lots of interesting Australian addresses where to eat or drink

My most important USUAL apps:

iBooks (Free)
Great way to download and read books, includes the IBookstore where you can download best sellers

TRVL (Free)
App with all their released travel magazines

ZITE (Free)
For reading excerpts from hundreds of magazines, news articles and blogs

Flickr (Free)
Share, shoot, upload and store photos

Facebook (Free)

iTravelfree (Free)
A mix of Wikitravel and Wikipedia and Openstreetmap

WordPress (Free)
For managing and updating personal blogs

Mobiscope ($10.49)
Home Surveillance system, check your personal security cameras

LaCie MyNAS (Free)
For backing up and storing pictures on the LaCie network, your own office on the go.

iTeleport ($25.99)
Allows you to access your computer from anywhere in the world

TuneIn Radio (Free)
Internet radio

Skype WI-FI
Pay per minute Wi-Fi

Extra Special Apps

Many of the people in our Roll Call are from overseas, Europe, USA, Canada….In the Southern hemisphere there are many different constellations that Northern Hemisphere. When we are away from the major cities at night at sea you will be able to gaze up and see the amazing stars.

Solar Walk and SkyView.

Break out your 3-D glasses. Solar Walk offers a stunning 3-D view of our solar system, everything from the satellites orbiting the Earth to the distant planets. Zoom in or out to go from a close up of Earth to the view from outside our galaxy. Tap the display to get more information about each object. You can even watch movies of events such as solar eclipses.

With SkyView, it’s best to go outside at night and look up. The app displays a camera-view of the sky above you. Overlaying the view is an “augmented reality” heads-up layer showing you the stars (including constellations), planets and satellites that are currently in your view. Move your iPhone and the display changes accordingly. Select an object and can track how it will move through the sky over the next 24 hours.

**This is a photo yours truly shot (Dee) from just outside my house, I have done my best to “join the dots” to show The Southern Cross and Orion’s Belt



*Sydney Transport System

* Oceanweather.com

A site which gives the height of the waves around Australia!!

MissusH’s List of Travel Apps


World Clock Gold ($0.99)
Easily get correct times from all over the world

Dining out

Urban Spoon (Free)
Not sure where to go to eat? Shake your iPhone and the slot machine will suggest a restaurant. Or browse the comprehensive list of restaurants and make reservations

AGFG (Free)
Australian Good Food Guide, Find Australia’s best at the touch of a button


XE Currency (Free)
Currency Converter

Icurrency ($0.99)
Be able to see how currencies are performing, stock market and convert currencies

PDF readers

*I like these as I can have all our cruise documents in digital form, should we lose them it’s a quick and easy print to retrieve them

Word to PDF ($2.99)
Convert emails, to PDF format

PDF Reader (Ipad edition) ($5.49 )
Read PDF files and convert photos to pdf (will be great while on the cruise scan the patter and upload as a pdf for all to see)

EbookMobi ($2.49)
Download Ebooks and Pdf Files and read them as you would a book, saves lugging about loads of books


Ispeedy (Free)
Search and book Hotels, Flights, Hire cars

Booking.com (Free)
Search and book hotels all over the world in many different currencies


Pocket weather AU HD ($1.99)
Uses the Bureau of Meteorology Radars to provide current temperatures, 7- day forecasts, humidity, rain fall, tides, warnings


Adobe Photoshop express, Adobe Camera Pack ($5.49)
Photo editor, upload photos to Facebook or Photoshop

Photobucket (Free)
Photo storage, used uploaded photos to show on the internet and create photo gifts

Flickr (Free)
Similar to Photobucket


Find my iphone/Find my Ipad (Free)
Lost your iPhone or Ipad? This shows a map of the location of your device with a remote lock and remote wipe function. Unfortunately it won’t work after washing your phone as I found out very recently L

Itranslate (Free)
Simple Translator for multiple languages

Taxi Calc (Free)
Calculate taxi prices (peak and off peak) by company and distance, also includes cam company phone numbers

Social Networking

Facebook (Free)

Tapatalk ($2.99)
Use to read and post on forums, make sure that the forum you are on uses this… Cruise Critic does!!

Twitter (Free)
Post tweets, read mentions, messages etc.

WordPress (Free)
Like Hubert this is a great app for managing blogs, it does not have all the features of the wordpress site but more than enough to blog on the go

**Many thanks to HubertBrigetteBelgium for sharing his apps list and the idea of posting this page.
*** All prices for apps were entered by searching for each individual app to give you the most accurate price with the information I could find, however prices do change so there may be differences, or I could have made a typo, after all I am human.



  1. Just installed the Shipmate (Princess app), what can I say but WOW! This is one incredibly useful app!! Thank you Hubert for the info!

    Comment by Dee — February 12, 2012 @ 1:07 pm

    • I entered my budget planning into this one to keep track of the expenses… but hell, this trip will be the trip of our lifetime!

      Comment by Hubert Savelberg — February 13, 2012 @ 8:45 am

      • Too right!! It’s a dream for us to go “round the block” on sea and land.

        Comment by Dee — February 13, 2012 @ 10:22 am

  2. Thanx MissusH, discovered some new apps from your list as well!

    Comment by Hubert Savelberg — February 13, 2012 @ 10:00 am

  3. FWS: Food Wine Sleep, another iPhone app with lots of interesting Australian addresses where to eat or drink.

    Comment by Hubert Savelberg — March 7, 2012 @ 2:19 am

    • Added and updated!! Another great app!!

      Comment by Dee — March 10, 2012 @ 2:14 pm

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