Dawn Boomerangs

Wi-Fi, Internet and Cell Phones

Using Wi-Fi, Cell Phones and Internet on the Dawn Princess (from the Princess Site)

Internet access is available on all Princess Cruises vessels through our 24-hour on-board Internet Café ( Deck 7 Promenade) and wireless network.

Use our state-of-the-art computer systems to access your web-based email account, or browse the Internet for world news and sports. Alternatively, you can bring your wireless-enabled laptop and access the Internet through our beautiful Lobby/Atrium or other public areas.

Passengers who subscribe to email services from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) are advised to verify that their ISP has a web-mail viewing site prior to sailing. Most major ISPs have websites that allow email access via a web browser using an email address and password.

Please contact the Internet Café Manager on-board for information regarding the charges that apply to Internet and wireless services and any other specific requirements.

Plus – Platinum and Elite Captain’s Circle members benefit from credit toward Internet Café packages while full suite passengers also enjoy complimentary Internet access.

Please note: Ship Internet access is not guaranteed at all times due to the nature of satellite communications, which are subject to itinerary and possible disruption from weather patterns and various obstructions. Also, Internet access via satellite is significantly slower than high-speed connections on shore

Cell phone/Mobile Phones

Mobile phone reception is available on board all of our ships. A compatible mobile phone and a service plan capable of roaming internationally with Maritime Communications Partners (AS) is required. Make sure you check with your service provider for applicable charges before you depart.



* I have found this article and price list on the web, the prices may not be fully up to date so use this as a guide only

If you want to bring your Wi-Fi-enabled laptop, iPhone, PDA, etc. you can use the minutes you buy on your own device. Block of minutes can be purchased as follows: Pay as you go:

75 cents a minute

100 minutes: $55.00

150 minutes: $75.00

250 minutes: $100.00

500 minutes: $175.00

You can make and receive phone calls and text messages (SMS) while on-board the Dawn Princess.

Cell phone roaming is enabled on the Dawn Princess however; the system can be pricey as the price plans feature international roaming rates and data charges (this can be very expensive). Contact your mobile phone operator to ensure that your account is activated for international roaming and inquiry as to per minute rates and data charges.

As of August 2009, all the major US mobile operators as well as Rogers Wireless in Canada are available on the Dawn Princess. There are also several mobile operators whom are available on the Dawn



Using Wi-Fi, Cell Phones and Internet on the Dawn Princess Tips:

While the prices about are in USD, transactions on the Dawn Princess are in AUS. A currency converter will provide the current exchange rates.

Platinum and Elite Captain’s Circle Members get deal on minutes.

Full suite passengers get complimentary minutes

Wi-Fi signals are strongest in public places and O.K. in the cabins-if you leave your door open


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