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September 15, 2012

Traveling with Margaret!!

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Another Blog to read is http://travelingwithmargaret.blogspot.com/ make sure you check her blog out, also filled with wonderful adventures


September 14, 2012

A big welcome!

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To all the new Cruise Critic Australia and New Zealand cruisers! We hope this site is helpful to your travels. If there is anything we can help with please post and we will do our best to help.
Bill and Dee

Say a prayer

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Or make a wish, or chant, cross your fingers, whatever it is you may do to send well wishes for one of our wonderful Boomerangs right now who is not well.
Much love
Bill and Dee

Time has flown!!

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I have not forgotten to post all the menus and patters and the photos we have taken. Whilst on the cruise I scanned everything as we got it, for some reason the scanner made every picture crooked so I won’t post something that is not of a good standard. I wish to re-scan the lot and then post it all again so you all may download as you wish. We are about to move from our little paradise in the country back to the hustle and bustle of the city, which brings with it a significantly better internet connection!!!
I believe the next circumnavigation cruise is about to begin so I hope that this site is of help to all of you. There is still SO much to add about each port and the things that we found easy/difficult.
One thing is for sure we have made some lifelong friendships and we are very much looking forward to 2014 when we are in the USA!!
Much love
Bill and Dee

April 14, 2012

Hope everyone is home safe

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We had an amazing time on the cruise, we have loads to unpack and sort through too. Looking forward to sharing photos, info and stories. If anyone has anything they would like to share about the cruise, ports, info tips, photos etc don’t hesitate to email me, make sure you state who you are too.

April 9, 2012

Sigh its a difficult life

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Here are a handful of teaser photos of the trip thus far



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Well it was a bit of a rocky crossing last night but we got here safely, I hope that all the new arrivals did not get too sea sick last night too. The Mister and I decided to have a little bit of a sleep in and then take a nice stroll about the city. The port in Burnie is a working port so the only way in and out is via a bus service, so there is no opportunity to walk back to the ship, the last bus to pick up passengers in the city was 2:30, they were really lovely, handed out Burnie pins to everyone and Easter eggs on the way back. I will post this info to the “Burnie” section of the website when I get home for future circumnavigators. 
Today was a public holiday (Easter Monday) but there was enough stores open for Bill and i to grab a few woollies for Hobart. Today was a bit cool but we have heard that it is going to be a lot more cooler in Hobart and especially in Port Arthur when we do our ghost tour.
Right now I am in Jammers where a Zumba class has invaded, I think it is the most movement that Jammers has had since the 2 day cruise from Sydney!!! They were supposed to be in the Vista lounge but a move was going longer than anticipated so they relocated, it’s great to have some great music going while I blog away, LOL
Next port Hobart!!

Waiting for the Bus in Burnie


April 8, 2012

Hope Y’all had fun in Melbourne!

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A group of the Dawn Boomerangs boarded the Lady Cutler an ex Sydney Ferry where they were treated to an amazing spread of cakes, chocolate, tea coffee great commentary and amazing sights. They then went through the city, saw Chloe at Young and Jackson’s, Federation Square, Mall, Vic market and so much more then re boarded the Lady Cutler for the journey back to Port Melbourne, an awesome day all around!!
Next port Burnie then Hobart where the Dawn Boomerangs have some busses booked to go to the wildlife park, Port Arthur and more!

April 2, 2012

The Great Barrier Reef Experience

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We had booked a tour with the ship for the Great Barrier Reef Experience, we had done something like this while we were on our honeymoon so we had an idea for what we were in for and we were really excited. We had known that there was the same tour available with the same company but a lot cheaper, we had been told to book through Princess because the tour operator could not guarantee that we will get back on time, now this made no sense whatsoever to me as they left and returned at the same point… I now understand what the difference is, if you book the tour outside of Princess you have to organise getting a tender to the port as the ship does not dock in the port, the time that the ship begins to allow the would make you unable to meet the tour company at the right time so you would miss your tour.
Booked through Princess the tour operator comes direct to the ship and drops you back at the ship, a literal door to door service, so now I can see why the same trip is two different prices. I would pick the one booked through the ship as you have the safety and security knowing you will get safely, quickly, efficiently and on time. An addition to this is they day that we went on the tour it was incredibly rough conditions, sadly a lot of people were really ill and as a result did not have the most nicest of times. Many people were unhappy about the day, Bill and I were not, we just enjoyed the adventure, but ones adventure is anothers nightmare. A few days after the tour we were recieved a note saying they were refunding us a portion of the tour price due to how many complaints that there was.
Now it is certainly not Princess’s fault that the weather was bad and the conditons were not the greatest, they did provide a wonderful day and an amazing opportunity and the tour operator looked after everyone even to the extent of handing out ice chips to guest. So yet again IF you had booked a tour outside of Princess and this had happened you would not have recieved the refund. So in the case of Airlie beach and seeing the same tours for cheaper prices, you will find that it by far better to book with Princess as you have the safety of getting to and from the ship on time, you have the assurance that if the tour ran late the ship WILL wait for you and you have the added bonus that Princess prides in looking after it’s people and they enjoy their tours so much so that they will refund money.
I want to add that Bill and I in no way shape or form work for Princess, nor have they or do they pay us anything for this website, this is just our observations and thoughts as we saw and learned them

No stopping in Bunbury :(

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Due to bad weather and low tide we are unable to dock in Bunbury, Princess has refunded people the money they have paid for tours and apologized for the inconvenience too. It’s sad when things like this happen but it’s no fault of anyone’s and I am glad that we have a captain that looks after us and makes sure we are as safe as can be. Today is a rough day and we are told to be careful when walking about due to the weather. I am tipping that there may be a bunch of people that are going to be sea sick today too. I am happy to at least have some sort of internet connection so I can post to the blog!! I am incredibly sad that I am not going to see a friend that I have known online for many years but have never met, in fact she is part of a group of amazing ladies and she has only met one other in the group, we had planned this for months so when we heard the news this morning

April 1, 2012


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Finally back to the land of civilization and Internet!
Hope everyone had a great time at the meet up yesterday.
Bill and I are bursting at the seams with some exciting news for our Melbourne tour so make sure you attend the next meet for details, it’s gonna be AWESOME!

March 25, 2012


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What a day we have had! I can hardly wait till we can fully upload some photos too. A group of the Boomerangs got together a couple of nights ago to decide what to do in Darwin. We decided to get a hire car and see where and what all would like to do. Disembarkation was a big pain, for some reason there was issues with the gangway and our plans for Bill to get off the ship early were quickly changed Bill was on deck 5 at the front, then had to go to deck 7 thus making him at the back and then they changed it back to deck 5 making poor Bill way at the back, in fact it took a few hours for people to get off the ship. Our little group stayed comfortably in the Atrium chatting away and then tethered to my phone for some Internet while we waited. we then made our way to a comfortable air conditioned area picked up some brochures and then before we knew it we were in the car off to the wildlife park. The gps took us the wrong way so we had to back track a little but we got there, yet again we were able to get a great discount at a $10 off the ticket price per person or with car hire, fuel it was about $30 per adult. You certainly cannot argue with prices like that, especially as the company is loads of fun and buckets of laughs.
The cafe at the Northern Territory Wildlife park was fine,salads, wraps, potato wedges, chips, the usual fare but really nice. There is a train carriage pulled by a car that drives you around the park making it really easy to get about for older people. We made our way to the dingo exhibit then to the aquarium and then easily met the train again to go to the birds of flight exhibit which was awesome! Getting our way back to town was easy however being Sunday the shops were closed so we dropped most of the group off and a few of us had a short walk around the city before walking back to the ship. All in all an amazing day, loads of laughs and lots more memories.

March 23, 2012


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Just passing the most northern point in Australia.



March 22, 2012

Dawn Boomerangs Bulletin 22nd March 2012

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A few of us have gotten together the last few days and organised a few tours outside of Princess and also teamed up as a group with Princess. This has resulted in loads of fun, lots of sharing of ideas and a group discount that resulted in saving the group $30 per couple.
When Bill and I began the Dawn Boomerangs Roll Call we understood it as a powerful networking tool to help each other’s cruising experience be more wonderful. One idea we had was to put notes in everyone’s room, but that is frankly a lot of leg work and overly difficult and the same if we put notes at the info desk.
As you all know this is our second cruise so we are still learning, so because of some of our AMAZING members this idea has been put forward…..This is to meet up on the sea day the day BEFORE we port, for an example Saturday the 24th March the day before we get to Darwin and Tuesday the 27th March the day before we get to Benoa etc.
The place and time that we propose will be to wait out the front of the dining room at 3:30 – 4:30 for afternoon tea and just like the first meeting they will make sure we have an area to chat and network ideas.
The purpose of this is so that we can establish who is going on the Princess tours and who would like to team up with them and those who are doing Non-Princess Tours and who would like to team up with them.
Bill and I will be out the front of the Dining room for the first of these meets on Saturday the 24th. of March 2012.

Bill and Dee

Wow what a cruise it is!

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Many of the Boomerangs Members got together today in Port Douglas, we all got off the tender and spoke to one of the tour operators, asked how much for the group and we got a great deal. It was another fantastic day with fantastic people, loads of laughs and more memories to cherish.
I am keeping a bit of a diary of the trip and when we get back home in the land of internet, (here is hoping ours is better by then) I will upload loads of photos and info.


On a tender

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March 18, 2012

Hope y’all are having fun!!!

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We are now in Brisbane and so far the cruise has been wonderful! Well the two days from Melbourne to Sydney were a bit crazy but it has now calmed down a bit. I have been furiously scanning Patters, Menus, Brochures and anything I can get my hands onto. I hope to add loads more info to each port and to the overall information needed for a cruise like this. We have already discovered that our electric alarm clock is not suitable at the hertz rating on the ship is different so it was speeding time up, certainly something we do not want on a cruise!! I have just discovered that there seems to be NO Australian power points outside of our room, made a bit difficult when my laptop went flat, luckily MisterH is an electrician and a near crisis has been averted!

The first meet and greet was wonderful, FANTASTIC to put faces to names after all these months. There was loads of information and stories shared too. Bill and myself are more than happy to do a walking tour in Melbourne for anyone that is interested, we do need numbers though so we can book somewhere for lunch as it is going to be Easter Sunday and many placed will either be busy or closed, so for all those who are interested in the walking tour please either tell us at the next M&G, or phone us in room P232.

The next meet and greet is tomorrow (19th March 2012) at 2:30  in Jammers nightclub, Sue has even organised a special visitor the Cruise Director!! So make sure y’all make you way down to jammers, it is sure to be yet another great meet up!


March 14, 2012

Food glorious food!

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14 March, 2012 15:23

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