Dawn Boomerangs

March 18, 2012

Hope y’all are having fun!!!

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We are now in Brisbane and so far the cruise has been wonderful! Well the two days from Melbourne to Sydney were a bit crazy but it has now calmed down a bit. I have been furiously scanning Patters, Menus, Brochures and anything I can get my hands onto. I hope to add loads more info to each port and to the overall information needed for a cruise like this. We have already discovered that our electric alarm clock is not suitable at the hertz rating on the ship is different so it was speeding time up, certainly something we do not want on a cruise!! I have just discovered that there seems to be NO Australian power points outside of our room, made a bit difficult when my laptop went flat, luckily MisterH is an electrician and a near crisis has been averted!

The first meet and greet was wonderful, FANTASTIC to put faces to names after all these months. There was loads of information and stories shared too. Bill and myself are more than happy to do a walking tour in Melbourne for anyone that is interested, we do need numbers though so we can book somewhere for lunch as it is going to be Easter Sunday and many placed will either be busy or closed, so for all those who are interested in the walking tour please either tell us at the next M&G, or phone us in room P232.

The next meet and greet is tomorrow (19th March 2012) at 2:30  in Jammers nightclub, Sue has even organised a special visitor the Cruise Director!! So make sure y’all make you way down to jammers, it is sure to be yet another great meet up!



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