Dawn Boomerangs

March 22, 2012

Dawn Boomerangs Bulletin 22nd March 2012

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A few of us have gotten together the last few days and organised a few tours outside of Princess and also teamed up as a group with Princess. This has resulted in loads of fun, lots of sharing of ideas and a group discount that resulted in saving the group $30 per couple.
When Bill and I began the Dawn Boomerangs Roll Call we understood it as a powerful networking tool to help each other’s cruising experience be more wonderful. One idea we had was to put notes in everyone’s room, but that is frankly a lot of leg work and overly difficult and the same if we put notes at the info desk.
As you all know this is our second cruise so we are still learning, so because of some of our AMAZING members this idea has been put forward…..This is to meet up on the sea day the day BEFORE we port, for an example Saturday the 24th March the day before we get to Darwin and Tuesday the 27th March the day before we get to Benoa etc.
The place and time that we propose will be to wait out the front of the dining room at 3:30 – 4:30 for afternoon tea and just like the first meeting they will make sure we have an area to chat and network ideas.
The purpose of this is so that we can establish who is going on the Princess tours and who would like to team up with them and those who are doing Non-Princess Tours and who would like to team up with them.
Bill and I will be out the front of the Dining room for the first of these meets on Saturday the 24th. of March 2012.

Bill and Dee


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