Dawn Boomerangs

April 9, 2012


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Well it was a bit of a rocky crossing last night but we got here safely, I hope that all the new arrivals did not get too sea sick last night too. The Mister and I decided to have a little bit of a sleep in and then take a nice stroll about the city. The port in Burnie is a working port so the only way in and out is via a bus service, so there is no opportunity to walk back to the ship, the last bus to pick up passengers in the city was 2:30, they were really lovely, handed out Burnie pins to everyone and Easter eggs on the way back. I will post this info to the “Burnie” section of the website when I get home for future circumnavigators. 
Today was a public holiday (Easter Monday) but there was enough stores open for Bill and i to grab a few woollies for Hobart. Today was a bit cool but we have heard that it is going to be a lot more cooler in Hobart and especially in Port Arthur when we do our ghost tour.
Right now I am in Jammers where a Zumba class has invaded, I think it is the most movement that Jammers has had since the 2 day cruise from Sydney!!! They were supposed to be in the Vista lounge but a move was going longer than anticipated so they relocated, it’s great to have some great music going while I blog away, LOL
Next port Hobart!!

Waiting for the Bus in Burnie



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